Sept 27th-Oct 6th Tour –


Hi Kim,thank-you again for another” never forget holiday”.it was amazing.then there’s Neville what a joy to be in his company. Marilyn was wonderful tour guide.We had a great flight home.Don’t forget us when you plan the trip to Scotland/Ireland.
Thanks again  Elva&Kevin Harding  Nfld


Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks again for an absolutely amazing trip. My husband Mike and I are huge Corrie fans and enjoyed our first trip so much we joined again for a second time. We were concerned that seeing it all again wouldn’t be as much fun  but it was fantastic.

I cant say enough about Neville our tour host. He is the best, so caring and helpful. Making sure everyone had all their needs met. He was so helpful and kind. I don’t think he stopped 24/7. From a helping hand getting off the bus, to little treats (here try this you will love it) to cute little pictures and notes  delivered under our hotel room door in the middle of the night. (thank you Neville we really do appreciate all that you do) His sense of humour kept us in stitches the whole trip. His knowledge of where to get things etc is extensive. And of course his partnership with Marilyn our British tour guide  was perfect. Those two work so well together. On that note Marilyn was terrific. Such a knowledgeable tour guide. Very professional and accommodating.  She knows her stuff. She too had a great sense of humour and shared lots of tidbits with us along the way. We look forward to traveling with them as a team again. The trip itself was great. Hotels and meals met our expectations. Centrally located to get out on your own at free time. The highlight of course was the locations tour with Mark  and the Corrie new sets with our tour host of the street was outstanding. Sharing stories and details about the set etc. As everyone on the trip knows we got to meet Barbara Knox who plays Rita. She is my all time fave after watching the show for forty plus years. I started to cry as I was so overwhelmed at meeting her.  Even as I write this I still get emotional. What a sweetheart she was. Of course we got to meet all toll Gary, Owen,Barbara,Tim, Mary, Kevin,Carla, Norris, Tony, Liz, and Andy McDonald. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. It was a dream come true. Being on the street was a fairy tale come true. My favourite part of the street are the Ginnels we got to spend a lot of time back there No one rushed us lots of time for pictures. The new street is bigger than the old one but still felt like home……  Thanks again. Dare I tempt my husband to go for the third  time  and join the trip in April.  Seriously if someone is reading this and wondering whether to go or not don’t hesitate. This is a first class operation and you wont regret it. Thanks Kim looking forward to travelling with Coronation Travel again soon.

– Mary and Mike Misko, Newmarket Ontario




“I have had the time of my life doing the Coronation Travel tour.  Every day I thought there could be no more awesome and along would come more.  Our Tour Host Neville McKay has a heart that could be compared to none.  His love of life and people shows in every single thing he says and does.   Our Tour Guide Marilyn was just as wonderful.  Even our bus driver Simon was a huge contributor to putting the “awe” in “awesome.”  I can’t begin to describe how truly wonderful and amazing this trip was for me.”                  –   Toni Dibdsdale , Ontario



Thanks again Kim for a trip of a lifetime, it was well organized and VERY informative. Nevill, Simon and Marilyn were fantastic. Every day was full of adventures, we saw many sites and met numerous Corrie actors. We would recommend this trip to anyone and we would both LOVE to do it again!

-Betty and Carl Payne (2014)


What a fantastic experience we all had ! The tour just continues to get better each year. Neville and David were amazing tour hosts and we’re excited and so pleased that Neville will be back for sure on our surprise trip in April ! Here are comments from some of the folks who travelled with us in October…get yourself booked now and you could be saying the same things in May !



“Thanks again Kim for the trip of a lifetime! I enjoyed every moment, and was so excited that we got to see so many Corrie actors! I am still excited and telling everyone about it.”

Denise Young -NL



“The trip to England,Wales was fantastic.Being on the set of Coronation St. was a

dream come true.Would love to do it again. Kim you did a wonderful job organizing the whole trip…..

I would recommend this trip for sure.” E Harding -NL



“I have taken many trips but this was the best trip of my life. The whole tour was terrific and the visit to Corrie and meeting so many of the cast was the icing on the cake. I enjoyed every minute. Kim – thank you so much for all your hard work to make this trip possible.”

Tanya Cutting – MB



“Oh my Coronation Travel you are the best. Our Coronation St Tour was so amazing…Thank you for making my trip the trip of a lifetime 🙂 ” W Martin -NS 



” I thought that the trip leading up to the Coronation Street visit would be just”filler” until we got there but I was definitely wrong. The entire trip was wonderful, well organized and loads of fun. The icing on the cake was definitely the Corrie set visit (I’ll be keeping my FB profile picture for a loooonng time).” Thanks Kim !    

S. Gibel -ON



“This trip was an amazing experience from start to finish due to the professionalism and experience of the organizer, hosts and guides. From fabulous London sightseeing to a fantastic evening at Cardiff Castle to the memorable visit to the set of Coronation Street, all aspects were first rate”.                                                                   B Costello -ON



“I had the best vacation of my lifetime on the Oct. 6-16 tour. Made new friends, visited places I had only dreamed of seeing and the experience of being on the set during filming of Coronation Street was unbelievable, and the perfect close to the whole trip was meeting so many of the stars on Corrie…Lots of pictures, lots of memories.…recommend to anyone and everyone..” H. Howlett- NS


Well our 2011 tour is now just a fond memory for the wonderful group who had the chance to experience it ! They saw so much, had a great time, and were in awe of all the actors and the filming they got to see at Granada Studios ! Thank you to everyone who made this tour so special. A big thank you to Neville MacKay our wonderful host, and Granada Studios/ITV for fulfilling many dreams , and to all who came along with us this year ! We hope to see you and your friends again . Neville will be hosting our 2012 tour, so stay tuned for details in September , and send us an email if you would like to have an itinerary sent to you !    [email protected]

The group had such an amazing time they sent back a beautiful thank you card and huge bouquet of flowers !!


I just got home and thought I’d let you know what I thought of the trip.


Saw a lot, was a little tired, but all the sites we saw were well worth the effort.
The city guides we had were very good, knowledgeable and could answer any questions we

The capper of course, was Coronation Street. We had a great visit, met Bill & Kevin
Webster, and talked with them and had pictures taken. Also saw Sally & Rosie, but they were filming so
we didn’t get the chance to talk to them. Saw all the interior sets, and of course the street itself. Absolutely fab!!!
It was truly a highlight. we also spoke with the director, and Bill , our guide on the set is terrific.

Thanks so much for all your hard work Kim. You did a great job.

Peter Ross was great, and herding cats is not easy, but he got the job done.
And our bus driver, for the second week, Phil, is just a master at driving through some of those streets that are
so narrow & winding.

All in all and great trip, and now I’m going to bed, and sleep till Monday morning..

Nancy, Ontario


Having never been on an organized group tour before, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the “Coronation Street to Strawberry Fields” tour. I must admit I was more than pleasantly surprised! From the both modern and historical sites of London , to the quaint medieval walled cities of York and Chester, this tour was fantastic. For Beatles fans, the trip to Liverpool and the visit to Penny Lane and Strawberry Field were just a bonus!

But the crown jewel in the tour was the day in Manchester where we immersed ourselves in Coronation Street. From the tour of off-studio sites like the Canal and the Red Wreck, to the seeing the sets housed in Granada TV studios, it was a day like no other. The group watched a filming , toured the living rooms of the Coronation Street inhabitants, and finally, walked the cobblestone street of Coronation ! We even got to meet and talk to some of the stars !!

I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who is a fan of England, Coronation Street, or both !!

Carole Arsenault,
Halifax, NS

“Well Beyond anything I had ever dreamed of “

The Coronation Street and Strawberry Fields Tour encompassed everything that we could want to see. For the fans of Coronation Street the visit with an actual stars of the show and then the tour of the sets and location areas were phenomenal and worth the price of the tour just for this aspect. Of course there was so much more included with a trip to Stonehenge, the Tower of London and other available excursions such as Windsor Castle.

The amazing thing was that there was something for everyone in our family aged from 10 to 65 with teenagers included. The itinerary included such a variety of villages, towns and cities giving a great experience of the many aspects of England’s landscapes, people and historical architecture. The walled city of York was a favorite of all family members with its wonderful church, shopping, unique cobbled alleys.

The hotels were all located in areas that were family friendly and secure which made it easy to shop, enjoy local pubs and eateries, and take side trips of personal sightseeing interest without large transportation costs. The food provided at all the hotel establishments was of excellent quality. We were able to take a little side trip to see Churchill’s grave which was wonderful and made quite an impression on us by how very simple and serence of a final resting place such a great leader chose.

The Coronation Street tour was excellent with the extra stops to sites they use for on location shoots. The church stop where they shoot all the funerals and weddings was so fun. The vicar was very entertaining. Jenny McAlpine was great ensuring that we all were able to get photos with her and have signed autographs/photos. And Stephen Arnold could not have been more gracious and patient visiting at our hotel answering volumes of questions and posing for photos. It was well beyond anything I had dreamed of. It made our trip.

Dara Lee,
Nova Scotia

“The Trip Was Amazing !”

The trip was amazing and we had a fabulous time.  Mike and Ellen were the best, helping in anyway they could.  The trip was jampacked and so much was covered in the 8 days…From the tour guides, the bus drivers and all the people on the trip it was great to say the least.  Everything ran as smooth as it could. London was great with all the architecture and famous places that Vicki showed us and our tour to Buckingham Palace was something you only see on TV or in books.  When Ian met us in Scotland in his kilt, it was great. The tatoo was awesome although it rained but it was still great.  loved the trip to liverpool our guide Sylvia who was so enthused with the beatles and Liverpool she made it so interesting…I remember the beatles from when i was growing up….it brought back many things I thought I forgot.  Ian was an amzing guide as well he kept us entertained with all of his knowledge of every aspect of Scotland and was a great man to meet and it was great that he stayed with us for the rest of our trip. Mark showed us all around manchester with such enthusiam of all the off set places that Coronation Street used for all the events…The day we went to Coronation street set it was out of this world meeting Peter Barlow, Kevin Webster and seeing the filming of a scene with the websters and Molly it was all anyone could imagine…All my friends are green with envy.  Our guide Dave was amazing giving little spoilers and was very entertaining to say the least.  I still haven’t got my pics up on the computer..will forward them to you as soon as i get them on…Again Rob and I had an amazing time with everyone.  It was a trip of a lifetime and i would recomend it to everyone ….I feel very fortunate to have won such an amazing jam packed vacation…thanks again.

Kim and Rob Bland – New Glasgow  August 2010


“It Was a Trip of A Lifetime for Sure”

Thanks so much for sending the notice out Kim.  I would love to be going again.  We had a wonderful trip last year and would recommend it to anyone and we have been recommending to some of our “Corrie fan” friends.  It was a trip of a lifetime for sure.  Neville was a fantastic escort and of course it was the ground work and organizing that you did that made it a dream come true.  Thank you!

Hope the trip in October is just as successful.

Debbie Calabrese , Cape Breton NS   May 2011 Tour

“If you are a Canadian Coronation Street fan put this tour on your Bucket List today.”

I had the unique pleasure of travelling the UK on the FROM THE TOWER of LONDON TO CORONATION STREET in May 2011.
It was ‘Brill’ as we saw so many UK attractions all under the super hosting abilities of Halifax’s Neville MacKay whose attention to detail was razor sharp.
The itinerary was well laid out & open enough to allow time to self explore.
We never ran out of things to do & between Neville & the local UK host Marilyn we never had an unanswered question.
This is a well paced trip for all activity levels full of inclusionary tours & front of line prepaid entries to attractions. While we saw the Crown Jewels in London however for us the crowning glory was the VIP treatment we received in Manchester during the 3 day  Corrie experience. We enjoyed the hosted outside filming locations & then on the Studio Corrie SET , we hit the jackpot they were filming inside the rovers & we saw 14 actors film for 45+ minutes & when they went to lunch but many came back to say hi & lots of photo ops. We also had an hour or more on the cobbles themselves taking pictures of our favorite location, shop or house. Never rushed, never bored, totally impressed.
If you are a Canadian Coronation Street fan put this tour on your Bucket List today.
Thanks Kim, well done.
Andrew Stuckless
Stroll Promotions Ltd. Halifax NS.


“I just had to let you know what an amazing vacation I experienced.”

Dear Kim,

I just had to let you know what an amazing vacation I experienced. The itinerary you organized for the tour
was exciting and I loved and looked forward to each new day you had planned for us. I met so many new friends through your tour that I am constantly in touch with and hold them “close” in my heart!
I am looking so forward to the 2009 tour. Coronation Travel will always be a part of my life!

Cindy Grzeskowiak, Barrie Ontario