Our Certified Travel Manager understands how important it is to get the very best value for your vacation dollar.

We want you to have full confidence in the company you are booking with. Coronation Travel is committed to making sure that each and every one of our guests has an amazing vacation. That’s why all of our tours are arranged by an ACTA Certified Travel Manager with thirty years of experience, who has attained the highest level of education in the travel industry.

Each year we listen to our tour guests and their comments, and try to incorporate as many of their suggestions as possible into our tours. We have an amazing return client ratio, and feel that our attention to detail and the high standards we adopt are responsible for this high repeat client booking. We have some clients who have been on eight of our past tours. That speaks volumes. 

Our professionalism, genuine caring, and attention to every last detail helps ensure you have a fun and stress free vacation, and are part of our travelling family. 

What is ACTA?

ACTA   http://www.acta.ca/about-us


ACTA Certified Travel Manager

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